Be the leader you want to be. Whether you're an entrepreneur, CEO, or executive strategic planner, you likely spend much of your time putting out fires and trying to create a company culture that will boost your bottom line. This can make it challenging to take a step back, evaluate, and implement the next phase of your business's development.

Every business or organization is unique and deserves personalized attention to address specific challenges, using effective strategies and methods to achieve optimal results quickly. As a seasoned professional, I bring a track record of navigating complex business landscapes, streamlining processes, and fostering team collaboration seamlessly with the objectives of your business. I am excited about the possibility of contributing my insights and leadership to further propel your business forward. Letā€™s explore the coaching options that I am offering currently.

Strategic Planning

My coaching approach is centered on cultivating a holistic understanding of organizational objectives and market dynamics. I guide teams in developing and integrating strong strategic plans by analyzing internal strengths and internal/external opportunities. This comprehensive approach not only the resolution of current challenges but also sets them up for future success.

We'll kickstart the momentum your organization seeks through this 3-step process:


Having clarity around where you are going will ensure you reach your goal. I will help you clear out all the noise and create a focused plan for the next 3-5 years so that your BIG goals will be reached and exceeded.



A strategic plan gains its value when there is a well-constructed blueprint to align employees with and get them excited about the companyā€™s direction and Vision. I will create this blueprint, empowering your managers to lead effectively; instilling confidence in your employees about the direction they're being guided towards.


In my experience, I've led numerous presentations for both small to midsize companies and global brands, and I've found that facilitating the Process is the most important step. Knowing how and when to delve deeper, probing for underlying issues, and guiding past emotional responses are key to securing the buy-in needed. This ensures that by the end of the meeting, everyone comprehends the Vision and the companyā€™s expectations.

Coaching Leaders

In today's fast-paced world, there's an increasing demand for rapid results. Not only is results-driven performance expected, but your teams also need to continuously progress, develop, and optimize existing systems and processes. Many executives and managers often find themselves struggling to force a square peg in a round hole, leading to frustration and inefficiency. I believe that resorting to begging, pleading, or threatening is counterproductive and only fosters a negative company culture, ultimately this kind of archaic leadership hinders productivity. Instead, I propose an alternative approach that not only eliminates stress but also fosters a more effective leadership styleā€”one that truly resonates with your team. Here is the three-step process that will transform your leaders from ordinary to extraordinary.


While the concept is straightforward, most leaders and companies I work with often struggle to establish clear expectations, leading to confusion. My approach involves not only assisting in defining expectations and prioritization but also providing a process for running efficient meetings and coaching leaders on effective pivoting strategies.


In the hectic world we live in, a prevailing ethos is often "sink or swim," this creates frustration, hostility, and ultimately mediocre customer service. Unfortunately, customers may not always voice their dissatisfaction, resulting in a gradual loss of clients over time. Instead of merely replacing lost clients, the focus should be on growing and improving. If your team lacks execution skills, they require coaching and opportunities to level up. I'll introduce you to time-saving strategies that not only reclaim your time but also boosts morale and fosters a positive company culture.


When clear expectations and skill-building are done correctly, accountability is an easy win. However, when these initial steps are overlooked or mishandled, accountability can become destructive and chaotic, leading to messy situations or, in some cases, complete neglect until resentment builds up. I'll demonstrate how accountability can be both easy and constructive with the guidance of an effective coach.

Customer Experience

Serving others is a fundamental aspect focused on meeting people's expectations, whether they're customers, clients, colleagues, or members of our community. However, in my experience, customers or clients are often not among the top 3-5 priorities in a companyā€™s decision-making processes. It's not merely about the customer always being right but rather it's about delivering a dynamic service that genuinely reflects their best interests. Building strong relationships with customers involves creating memorable experiences that leave them feeling valued and understood.


I will walk through your current customer experience in real-time, using multiple methods which will allow me to gauge how your staff interacts with your client and assess their impact.


After I Evaluate your customer experience, I will create a report based on strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. At this point we will sit with your leadership team and craft a customer experience 2.0.


I will help roll out your new and improved customer experience. You can anticipate pushback and uneasiness, but I will coach your managers and staff extensively to ensure they feel equipped and ready to handle the changes confidently.

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