Reading...Step 1

Apr 14, 2024

“Readers make leaders” is a quote that I am not a fan of. I have been a consistent reader for 20 years but this is not accurate. I believe reading is about gathering perspectives.

Most people live in their own small worlds that house HUGE opinions that often do not fluctuate or change over time. This kind of thinking keeps people stuck and safe, but it also keeps them from making the impacts they could have on a world that desperately needs their expertise and gifts.

When I first started reading my goal was to give one learned idea away from each book that I read. It was simple. It wasn’t about having all the answers or acting as if I knew everything, instead it was about serving and if I had an opportunity to meet people where they were and give them something that would help them continue moving forward in their journey it was a win.

Today, I still do this, but I have become more of a student, and I learn one subject from many different angles so that I can help a team, entrepreneur, or high achiever keep moving forward on their journeys because I save them time and energy with the things I have learned and then experienced because of that learning.

I implore you to open yourself up and read a few pages a day. 10 pages a day will equal 20-24 books a year and that catapults you way ahead of the average American who reads 1 book a year.

Readers who execute have taken one step toward becoming leader.